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25 years experience in film and photography with 8 years experience in video. Audio engineering  available for recording, voice overs, and foley work.  We are finished with music we contributed for the Citizen Mayor movie. The movie should be out soon. More on this later. Citizen Mayor was picked for the 2010 NWFF Local Sightings Film Festival! (October 1-6) The movie will premiere on October 3, 2010 at 7pm at NWFF's Cinema house. NWFF address.



Candy Bar Moviestar

Debut CD by Seattle's Mommy Complex. All original alternative music recorded at Hunter Media  Productions  in Tacoma, WA. Composer is known for blending many different genres and styles of music. It's, melodic with many grooves and harmonies. We are still working on some new music as well. Preview music here: The Real Mommy Complex. Other examples of are music here: Bandmix. Some more music: Music Xray.






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